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This is a wiki that will harbor all information about the webseries, "Platoon of Power Squadron", also known as PoPS. The Platoon of Power Squadron is an award-winning comedy-drama web series that first aired on YouTube in October 2009, and then on the PBS program Image Union on WTTW11 Chicago in November 2009. There are currently nine episodes on the official website varying from 22 minutes to 48 minutes in length. On YouTube, those nine episodes are considered seasons, and are broken into 50 webisodes, ranging from 2 minutes to 11 and a half minutes in length.


The series explores the potential pitfalls encountered by hobbyist crime fighters with real superpowers while attempting to become super heroes in a world where such a thing doesn't exist. The four 20-something protagonists try to overcome obstacles like finding crime to stop, how to become bullet proof without spending any money, and establishing a credible hero identity all while they earn their livings at minimum wage-paying retail jobs.

Intro to PoPS in 90 Seconds-0

Intro to PoPS in 90 Seconds-0

Reception Edit

Mike Ewing of Gapers Block gave PoPS a positive review saying, "This theme of untapped potential and an uncertain future is a common thread among many shows about twentysomethings today, but PoPS explores it in a funny, unique way. "Girls" hasn't branched out into time-traveling wormholes or disobedient clones quite yet." Joey Paur of Geek Tyrant declared it a "Must Watch Web-Series." It won the award for Best Web Series at Gen Con Film Festival 2013. At the 2013 Los Angeles Web Series Festival, PoPS won seven awards in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror category including 'Series Producing', 'Directing', 'Visual Effects', 'Lead Actor-Craig Benzine', 'Lead Actress-Carlyn Janus', 'Ensemble Cast', and 'Series Concept'.

Cast Edit



Craig Benzine as Donald / Mr. Dr. Electron

Eliza Toser as Virginia / Princess of the 4th Dimension

Carlyn Janus as Sebastian / Madam Generator

Jake Jarvi as Jonas / Professor Synapse

Meth Lab Crew(Ep6):

John Crosthwaite as Meth Chef

Christopher Davis as Meth Sous-chef

Mark Lancaster as Meth Heavy 1

Levenix Riddle as Meth Heavy 2

Kidd Russell as Meth Heavy 3

Walter Chambers as Meth Heavy 4

Pedastian Family:

Danny Glenn as David Pedastian

Joette Waters as Patsy Pedastian

Don Kress as Gino Pedastian

Jason Lederman as Hood 1

Max Baird as Hood 2

Berkeley Clayborne as Little Strand

Greta de Parry as Estal Donselle

Sam Grant as Spike

Mike Jarvi as Spike's Dad

Scott Hall as Carl

Carolina Lopez as Store Owner

Tommy Martin as Precious

Caitlin McGarrigle as Veronique

Lita Medinger as Lab Tech

Chyna Pate as Customer

Walt Sloan as Mr. Strand

Joanna Stout as Mrs. Strand

Derrick Stout as Damon

Yvonne Szumski as Clarissa

Vanessa Trask as Roxy

Nancy Wolff

Episodes Edit

There are currently ten PoPs episodes, each broken into several parts. The episodes are:

  1. The Last Slice
  2. Jobs
  3. Transition
  4. Identity
  5. Fate
  6. Barrier
  7. Catalyst
  8. Fight
  9. Origins
  10. The First Slice

The names of the episodes are the hypotheses that are created at the beginning of each episode.

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